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We offer shipping containers as portable storage units in the compact 20ft option or the expansive 40ft size. Our containers are designed for both temporary and permanent solutions, making them a great choice for portable storage units, sheds, and more.

With the flexibility to buy or rent, our standard shipping container measurements ensure you find the perfect fit for your storage needs. We’ll deliver your selection with a 4500 4WD dual-axle truck and a 40’ tilt bed trailer or tilt bed truck, ensuring that we can deliver your shipping container wherever you may need it.

While we’d love to list our prices on-site, the market rate varies dramatically, even day-to-day, so contact us for any information on pricing, availability, applications, or any other questions you might have! If you’re wondering how the process works, make sure to visit our “how it works” page!

Standard Shipping Container Measurements – Our Options

Standard Shipping Container Measurements | Portable Storage Units | 20ft Shipping Container
New & Used

20Ft Shipping Containers

Measuring 20 feet long and eight feet wide, this is one of our most popular shipping container sizes. In stock and built to order, you will enjoy the space and versatility offered by our 20ft containers. These are popular, cost-effective ways to store anything from home furnishings and business records to office files and furniture. Our 20ft containers can fit between four and six rooms of belongings, depending on what those items are and how you pack them. Made from rugged steel construction and sturdy floors, these containers are designed for residential or commercial use.

The 20 ft container offers a balance between space and manageability. It’s more easily transported and fits in tighter spaces than larger options, making it a versatile choice for various storage needs or as a foundation for compact modular constructions.

For the day of delivery, we have a drop-off method that works even in challenging locations. This method minimizes environmental impact and requires only 50 feet of clear space for maneuvering. Placement options include using support beams or gravel, depending on site conditions, and we’ll coordinate directly with you for precise placement. We can discuss the details of delivery when you contact us, arranging the whole procedure in advance to ensure a smooth delivery process.

We offer 20ft shipping containers in the following conditions from lowest grade to highest grade:

New & Used

40Ft Standard and High Cube Shipping Containers

Measuring 40 feet in length and eight feet in width, our in-stock 40 ft containers are spacious and convenient for any shipping or storage needs. Typically, this will hold household goods of a two to three-bedroom home with a living room, dining room, den, and kitchen. These containers can also hold machinery and equipment, such as small loaders or excavators, or even retail inventory, equipment, or supplies. Built to last and protect cargo goods of all kinds, these 40 ft containers can be purchased or rented, with affordable rates both that ensure you can stick to your budget.

For the 40ft shipping containers, given their larger size, we adjust our delivery approach to ensure a smooth placement process. Since it’s a larger unit, we require about 100 feet of clear space to maneuver during delivery. The rugged construction and spacious interior make it ideal for extensive storage needs or larger modular projects, offering the same high quality and versatility as the smaller units.

We offer 40ft shipping containers in the following conditions from lowest grade to the highest grade:

Standard Shipping Container Measurements | Portable Storage Units | 40ft Shipping Container

Our 20ft and 40ft shipping containers offer versatile storage solutions for both residential and commercial storage needs. With our expert delivery staff ensuring minimal environmental impact and precise placement, shipping containers provide a balance between space, manageability, and adaptability. Whether you need shipping containers for personal belongings, business records, or the foundation for modular constructions, VersaVault ensures a smooth, efficient service tailored to your specific requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the specific dimensions and capabilities of the shipping containers available for purchase or rental?
Our inventory includes 20ft and 40ft shipping containers. The 20ft container is ideal for compact spaces and smaller storage needs, fitting approximately four to six rooms’ worth of belongings. The 40ft option provides ample space for larger projects, offering the capacity for extensive storage or comprehensive modular applications.

For a 20ft container, the dimensions are 20ft long by 8ft wide by 8.6ft high, giving you a total capacity of 1172.4 cubic feet, generally capable of holding around 55,000lbs of weight. For the 40ft container, the height and width are the same at 8ft by 8.6ft, but the larger length gives you about 2,389 cubic feet of space, and a slightly higher weight limit of around 61,000lbs. There may be slight variations between containers in terms of internal space, due to slightly different manufacturing specifications, but on average, your internal length, width and height will be a few inches shorter than the external dimensions.

2. Can customers choose between buying and renting these shipping containers, and what are the benefits of each option?
Yes, our flexible offerings include both purchasing and rental options for various needs and budgets. Buying a container is a long-term investment that’s perfect for permanent storage solutions, custom modifications, or building projects. Renting offers versatility and cost-effectiveness for temporary projects or when immediate, short-term storage is required.

3. What logistical considerations should be made for the delivery and installation of a shipping container?
Delivery requirements differ based on container size: for a 20ft container, we’ll need at least 50ft of clear space for placement, whereas a 40ft container requires approximately 100ft of free space. We employ a specialized tilt bed truck system for precise placement, minimizing the impact on the delivery site. Customers should prepare the site based on these space requirements and discuss any specific placement needs with us beforehand.

4. How can these shipping containers be customized for different uses?
Shipping containers allow for a wide range of customizations, from basic modifications like adding shelves and windows to extensive transformations into offices, homes, or unique commercial spaces. We work closely with customers to understand their specific needs and provide guidance on making their vision a reality.

5. What considerations should be taken into account for maintaining the condition of items stored in shipping containers over time?
While shipping containers are designed to be durable and secure, you’ll need to make sure you create the right conditions in storage is key to maintaining the condition of items within. This involves understanding how different materials react to temperature changes and humidity levels inside a metal container. Utilizing desiccants for moisture control, ensuring proper ventilation to prevent condensation, and organizing items to allow air circulation can significantly enhance the longevity and condition of stored goods, safeguarding them against potential weather-related issues.